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" Only authentic, pure, natural and nutritious 
New Zealand products meet the J&P Turner 
1885 standard. " 

SINCE 1885

Since 1885, no less than six generations of the Turner family have continued an unbroken strong involvement in the New Zealand industry. 130 years on, there are currently 2 Turner family members of the fourth, 8 of the fifth and 1 of the sixth generation active in the

business today.


Jeffery & Peter’s great-grandfather Edward Turner set up Turners Mart (later to become Turners and Growers) in the 1890s, after he emigrated from England to NZ, but the family’s involvement in the produce industry can be traced back in Cambridge (England)

to the 1600s!


The legacy continues today with a focus on exceptional growers and products that bring the authentic goodness of New Zealand to the world.

Since 1885


New Zealand’s remote island location offers the perfect climate to cultivate the world’s best tasting, nutrient rich fruit and vegetables.


The beautifully preserved natural environment, soils and water work together to craft fresh fruit and vegetables with exceptional flavour and nutritional properties.  

Premium NZ Produce
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